Our business advisory services include assisting you in the optimisation of operational processes, locations, and the supply chain. As a result of optimised operational processes, we can ensure the quality and stability of your products and services.

The process involves an audit of your existing processes and an assessment of potential possibilities for quality improvement and cost reduction. Based on our findings, we prepare a detailed business plan, including an industry and competition analysis.

Improving performance

Even the best run companies may experience problems occasionally. We advise and assist in operational restructuring or, as a worst-case scenario, in the implementation of compulsory settlements, bankruptcies and the repayment of creditors and owners to the highest possible value.

Many entrepreneurs and managers hope that things will work themselves out and cling to their existing way of doing business. We can state with a reasonable degree of certainty that there are no miracle solutions for the problems of a company. When these occur, action needs to be taken as soon as possible, as every moment wasted provides competitors with opportunities.

Turning things around requires three phases:

Additionally, our advisory services focus on:

Business and financial planning, and the assessment of investment plans and projects

Do you have a business idea and need help executing it? A business plan is very important for starting and growing a company, which is why it is crucial that an expert prepare it. We can prepare a detailed business plan for you, one that will convince future investors. It will allow you to realistically assess of your operating potential and risk, as well as shape the strategy of your company’s development.

The basis for the adoption of operational decisions in the company and for assistance in the decision-making process of potential investors and banks is a high-quality, professional business and financial plan of a company or project.

We match and align content and structure with the concrete needs of the company and the purpose for which it was prepared, as well as with necessary investment. In doing so, we take into consideration both the basic characteristics of the plan and the need to the analyse the environment, and discuss key risks and minimise them using the adopted risk management action plan.

The business plan represents an important tool in acquiring funding, from either banks or private investors. A professionally prepared plan is the basis for obtaining additional capital from banks or venture capital investors. In the preparation process, we will provide all required support and assistance in further development of your company. Funds from SID banka or the Slovene Enterprise Fund are a special category.

Cost and sales optimisation

Through a review of your company’s operations, we help you identify the areas where you can save and realistically optimise costs.

Some companies are relatively successful in sales, yet they are still unable to generate profit or to deal with other issues. By taking quick action and bringing in new, positive energy to your operations, we will help you decrease your costs to the lowest possible level, which will allow you to utilise the surplus to expand your operations.

The key to success usually lies in successful sales. An analysis of sales, inventory, receivables, locations, use of all available distribution channels, opportunities of communication with clients, campaign planning, and sales staff training are merely a few of the activities we conduct to allow you to boost your sales.

Real estate

Consulting and drafting legal documents for transfer of real estate and the potential encumbrances on the property with various rights in rem.

Real estate is usually sold or purchased based on the real estate brokerage act, or in a tailor-made transaction that includes everything from consulting and setting up sales strategy to the search for a suitable buyer.

Due diligence

An operational due diligence procedure is a form of information gathering, which is required for strategic decision-making and involves an analysis of a company’s operations with an assessment of current and future operational risks.

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