Financial advisory services

A good financial strategy is key for the success of a company. The task of an external financial adviser is to coordinate financial, accounting, and fiscal strategies in order to increase the value of the company.

Advising on possibilities of improving operations and financial position

Conducting independent audits and advising on respective fields of the company’s operations. The services include assistance in the implementation of financial and operational restructuring.

Our approach to comprehensive financial risk management starts by managing liquidity risk (optimising working capital, obtaining funding and alternative funding sources, assisting in monitoring of cash flows and transactions, and preparing a short-term/annual cash flow plan) while simultaneously advising on ensuring the solvency (the optimal or adequate capital structure) of the company.

Financial optimisation encompasses:

Financial due diligence

The service of a comprehensive due diligence of a company, allowing the client to examine the legal status, financial position and to identify key risks. Our approach to due diligence goes beyond accounting analysis and focuses on a detailed assessment of operational risks. The approach is supported by the following procedures:


We assist companies in obtaining new loans, refinancing of existing loans, substitution of existing loans more favourable ones, and in finding funding options using alternative financial instruments.

In doing so, it is imperative to analyse the capital structure beforehand and only decide on additional funding based on the analysis. In addition to finding bank funding sources, we also provide assistance with other relations with banks. These include, for example, decreasing interest rates and modifying the offered insurance options.

We look for the best financing for you.

Obtaining other funding sources

Looking for potential investors in the divestment of the company, acquiring recapitalization sources. Additionally, we can provide an assessment of the value of your company using the most up-to-date corporate valuation methods, and a detailed assessment of the ownership stake value. Based on the obtained results, we prepare a comprehensive proposal of an optimal transaction structure and provide an in-depth analysis of all possible investors and funding providers.

Purchase and sale of receivables – factoring

We advise our clients on the purchase or sale of receivables. We assist in the assessment of receivables as well as in the procedures relating to the preparation of a sales and purchase agreement, the management of collateral remuneration procedures etc.

Independent business review (IBR)

An independent business review allows a lender to obtain independent information on which it can base its decision regarding existing and new receivables from a company.

We prepare independent business reviews as required by financial institutions, investors or the management. In many cases, managements themselves do not have sufficient insight into the operations of their companies, which is why we prepare a financial profile of the operations, emphasizing the cash flow analysis.

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